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Mosaica Online Preparatory Academy

A K-12 Online Solution

Mosaica Online Preparatory Academy is a premier K-12 education solution designed to meet the more fluid and global requirements of the 21st century learner. Mosaica Online Prep provides online schooling options to individual families as well as to school and district partners worldwide.

The flexible program offers an effective and customizable blend of online and hands-on learning for schools and districts navigating today’s rapidly-changing educational landscape. Mosaica Online was launched in 2009 with the mission of utilizing Mosaica’s instructional expertise, including the delivery of digital instruction in blended learning environments in our brick-and-mortar schools, to serve students in the online arena.

Please note: Enrollment is now closed for the 2015-2016 school year.

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Full-Time Enrollment
Mosaica Online's college prep curriculum goes beyond state standards and still offers the flexibility to fit any busy family's schedule.

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Credit Recovery
Use Mosaica Online to catch up on courses or give your student a jump start on the school year ahead with individual class selection options.


School Partnerships
Team up with Mosaica Online to provide your students innovative and flexible online learning opportunities.

Mosaica Online Preparatory Academy brings the high touch educational experience of a college prep school to the convenience and safety of your own home. We do this through a blend of award-winning online curriculum and hands-on projects that encourage students to learn by doing.


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